Andrews North Carolina and Cherokee County are known for vibrant events that attract visitors from all around the region. From music festivals to art events, there is something for everyone in Andrews and beyond.

Each year, the Andrews Blossom Festival serves as an iconic event that celebrates springtime with over a hundred vendors selling diverse wares ranging from local produce to handmade craft items. Music lovers can also enjoy live entertainment daily during this festive occasion. Meanwhile, foodies have plenty of opportunities to sample traditional fare prepared by locals at numerous restaurants within city limits.

The Cherokee County Bluegrass Festival features several days packed with award-winning bluegrass bands while offering some of the best barbecue in town as well! Here visitors can interact with folks passionate about keeping traditional music alive through engaging conversations and unique cultural experiences. Every summer provides ample opportunity for attendees to catch rising stars at events like the Smoky Mountain Jam or Trailfest Music Festivals – two events that showcase diverse genres such as Country, Southern Rock, Jazz & Blues and Folk among others all in one place!

For those more interested in arts and culture events, The Dogwood Crafters Art Show presents locally created handcrafted arts spanning multiple media including painting, jewelrymaking, photography and more. The event is free and family-friendly, making it an ideal destination for any art enthusiast visiting the region.

No matter what visitors are looking for, Andrews North Carolina and Cherokee County have events to appeal to every kind of traveler! From art events and bluegrass festivals to music events and craft fairs, there’s something for everyone in this vibrant corner of Appalachia.

The events in Andrews North Carolina and Cherokee County offer a wide variety of experiences that attract locals and tourists alike all year round! Whether you’re interested in exploring the area’s cultural offerings or simply want some fun outdoor activities, Andrews has plenty of options to make your trip memorable. Plan your visit today and enjoy all these events have to offer!